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    Well I bent the chevy "1 ton" tie rod end with the hole that's actually for a steering stabilizer that everyone reams out, so I'm building a new tie rod that will run knuckle to knuckle. I'll be making a sleeve for the tie rod like what I made for my tierod side hydro assist mount. I'm looking for something that's tapered to 1.5"/foot as the chevy tie rod ends are. I'd like to weld it between two vertical tabs coming off the sleeve.. Anyone know of a company that makes something like this? I guess I can always ream some pipe or tube out if it comes to it..
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    Email my brother, He's a machinist and should be able to make something for you without too much trouble. He is pretty busy though.
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    Search or ask over on a yota board...They have an insert that takes the 1 ton taper that drops into the pitman arm after its been drilled out. I cant for the life of me remember where I saw it but I know its out there. Had to repair the TRE hole on my D44 knuckle by drilling it out all the way and then using this insert.

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